With a specialty in residential investment property financing, Ridge Lending Group comes to you equipped with a vast portfolio of knowledge and experience suitable for all aspects of real -estate finance. RLG maintains a continued commitment to being the best resource it possibly can to its customers all while setting itself apart from other lenders as a leader in both education and technology within the lending industry. The overarching goal of RLG is simple but powerful: to educate investors on the options that are best suited for their situation and help them achieve real estate investment success both now and in the future.

Caeli Ridge is the president and CEO of RLG and brings a wealth of personal experience to the world of real estate investing. With 18 years in the lending industry, Caeli has the knowledge and expertise to help her customers make smart, well-thought-out real estate investments. Caeli has held up to 42 investment properties at a time across the U.S. and has worked with tens of thousands of real estate investors throughout the country to help them realize and passionately pursue their dreams of homeownership as an investor.

When someone comes to RLG to inquire about real estate investment financing, RLG focuses on educating that person while also using competitive programs and rates to help them finance an investment property that works especially for them. RLG is committed and will stop at nothing to be a dedicated resource to all of its clients — from the beginning of the loan transaction through closing and even far beyond the closing date. In short: RLG creates clients for life.

Are you ready to take the plunge of investing in real estate? RLG has the tools and resources at its disposal to get you on your way and not waste a moment of your time. Call us today to learn more and experience firsthand the dedicated, personalized customer service and undivided attention that RLG has to offer!

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