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“Caeli and Ridge Lending Group have a firm understanding of what real estate investors need in the lending process. Ridge has successfully helped investors in my network get started on the path to cash flow and durable passive income.”

Memphis Investment Properties


Tyler C.

“I have worked with many lenders and Ridge is by far the most experienced. They were able to get loans done for me that other lenders didn’t even know where to begin on. They are experienced and professional and get everything done in a timely manner. If Ridge tells me they will be able to get my loan done, I have the utmost confidence this will happen. I would definitely recommend working with Ridge on all your lending needs.”

J. Gallagher and family


“The team at Ridge Lending Group has been a cornerstone of my professional success. Always prompt, professional, and courteous, they are also experts in mortgage financing and tax law. They make the process of buying investment homes painless and they are a joy to work with. I will continue to use them in the future to expand my own real estate holdings and I highly recommend them to anyone else who desires to start or grow their own investment portfolio.”

Kurtis Drake & Ryan Pettitt

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with Ridge Lending for 8 mortgages over the past 9 months. The Ridge staff has been extremely professional and dependable throughout each closing! Caeli Ridge met with us prior to our first mortgage and reviewed our goals in order to develop a strategy moving forward. Sarah compiles all the preliminary required documentation, and has always been well organized and responsive. Throughout each transaction, our loan processor (Pauline) provides constant communication every step of the way, and sends a weekly update to us each Friday with a recap of where we are in the closing process. The entire Ridge team has been great to work with, and we would recommend the them to anyone looking for a consistent lending partner!”

Mary and Ross S.

“My wife Mary and I have been involved with Ridge Lending for well over a year on several real estate investments in multiple states, single family houses, duplexes, multi family. The ‘uniques’ that separate Ridge Lending from others –

First of all – they take the time to educate their investors. The knowledge that Caeli Ridge possesses of the industry is invaluable for knowing how to properly position your investments to best advantage.

Second – their customer service – in an industry sorely lacking the same – is very impressive. It is rare that even with time zone differences – that I have to wait more than a few minutes for a response to a question!

Third – they are on top of every possible item. Let’s face it – dealing with lending institutions today has become onerous at best – but since Ridge Lending has your back – watching every detail – it relieves some of that “did I get that done” anxiety.

Finally, they are just nice, friendly people to deal with – it would not matter if they were serving me Apple Pie a la mode with caramel sauce (my favorite for those keeping track of such things) at my favorite restaurant or in their case offering assistance with investment lending – they are a great group of friendly people to work with.

I would highly recommend Ridge Lending if you are an investor seeking assistance in a field where it is hard to know who to trust.”

Annette C.

Ridge Lending has been great to work with on the financing of my multiple properties.

Caeli Ridge and Kyla Riggins have been awesome. Just in the last year, I purchased 3 properties and refinanced 4. Their knowledge and ability to handle my financing needs was superb.

I appreciate Caeli’s council on how to structure my loans for maximum benefit.

I have already recommended Ridge Lending to a partner, as we plan to move to purchase additional rental properties.

Another great benefit working with Ridge Lending is that they work in multiple states, so it is easy to purchase properties out of state and do creative financing from one state to another with the same lender.

Thank you to all the staff at Ridge Lending, because I know it takes a great crew, to do what they do! 

Chris W.

My first loan with Ridge Lending was a seamless experience. Above all, I most appreciate the Ridge Lending team’s focus on transparency – they pride themselves on providing a clear, honest process to lenders rather than obscuring details for their own benefit. Would be happy to partner with them again. Thank you!