5 Reasons to Stage Your Investment Home

Home staging

Home stagingHome staging is the process of arranging furniture and décor to showcase a home to its fullest potential. A professional home stager is similar to an interior decorator in that they have extensive expertise in planning and choosing colors, furniture, and accessories. They will also understand how to arrange your belongings in a way that best fits current trends and appeals to buyers. Stagers understand how a buyer will see your home and create a neutral space where anyone can see themselves living in your home.

A home stager begins by examining your home and consulting with you on what will make your house market ready. Their analysis will identify ways to highlight your home’s best features as well as make up for any shortcomings. Stagers will then recommend items that might be removed to create more space and lend advice on personal knick-knacks that may best be packed away during the sales process. Additionally, the stager may recommend repairs that may be necessary before listing your home.

Many home stagers will also have furniture, artwork, rugs, etc. to outfit your home so it will appeal to a wide range of tastes. If you have already moved out of the home you are selling, stagers will furnish it to allow a buyer to imagine themselves living in the space.

Following are five basic reasons to enlist the help of a professional home stager:

It Creates a Good First Impression

The first impression is the last impression when it comes to real estate as most homebuyers only get to walk through a home once before making up their minds. You want to make sure your property elicits positive emotions and imparts a favorable image.

It Makes Your Home Look Bigger

A home stager will help you declutter, remove your personal photos or mementos, and remove any obstacles that could be preventing natural light from coming in. By taking these steps, your home will appear much larger than you can imagine.

Your Home Will Appear Well Cared For

A well-tended yard and a fresh coat of paint are sometimes enough to make your home look its best. After all, no one wants to walk into a home that looks like it needs a lot of work and repairs done.

You Will Learn about Interior Designing

A professional home stager will guide you through the best practices and trends in interior design to make your home stand out.

Your Home Will Sell Faster

Home staging is the process of maximizing a home’s appeal to potential buyers that ultimately generates a faster sale. The numbers back it up. According to the 2021 National Association of Realtor’s Profile of Home Staging, 53 percent of sellers’ agents reported that staging a home decreased the amount of time the home was on the market.

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Landscaping and Real Estate Investment – What to Know!



There’s no denying that improving curb appeal has a positive effect on an investment home’s value. In the real estate business, however, small changes to your landscaping are oftentimes enough to draw in homebuyers and seal the deal. If you have a green thumb or are a hands-on investor, building a garden can transform your investment property from a run-of-the-mill structure into something grand and inviting at a minimal cost.

Following are some landscaping tips that are guaranteed to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and give you the upper hand in the market.

Container Planting

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pots for container gardens. Your local home improvement store or plant nursery is likely to have an abundance of pots from which you can choose. Additionally, recycled items from around your home can make fantastic containers. Anything with space for compost will work — including cans, buckets, fruit trays, and colanders. If you choose something that doesn’t have holes in the bottom, be sure to use a drill to create some drainage holes before you begin planting.

What’s so great about container planting is that any outdoor space can benefit from potted flowers, regardless of style or size.

Garden Design

Remember that the garden you choose should complement your property seamlessly. If your investment home has a modern design with straight roofs or lots of geometric shapes, consider a contemporary garden featuring a more neutral palette, defined boundaries, and additions such as raised beds, pergolas, and arches. Plants that work very well with a contemporary approach include tall grasses, birch trees, horsetails, bamboos, and succulents.

If your home has a classic façade, cottage gardens can be a perfect suit. These gardens are created to look more asymmetrical and relaxed – despite requiring some planning. Geraniums, roses, foxgloves, peonies, and hollyhocks are just some of the many varieties that may grace your garden. Just make sure to put tall plants at the back of beds with lower ones towards the front to create a mixture of heights typical of cottage gardens. In addition, accessories such as birdbaths, wooden benches, and even a greenhouse can add extra interest and paint an idyllic setting.

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Choosing the Right Floor for Your Investment Property


FloorThe right flooring can have a tremendous impact on the look of a house. But with so many choices on the market, picking out one that suits your financial standing and complements your investment home can be overwhelming as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Ultimately, the type of floor that might work best for you will hinge on your investment strategy and the local housing market where the home is located.

For low-end rentals, a floor that is cheap yet durable will be your best bet, whereas in higher-income areas more expensive floors can boost rent price and yield more profit. For fix-and-flip properties, you might consider laminate flooring as it is inexpensive and durable yet elicits the high-end look many homeowners seek.

While there are myriad varieties of flooring available, be sure to understand your local market and audience so you can deliver on homebuyers’ and tenants’ expectations. Here are five common floor types to consider as you explore your options:

Hardwood – This classic, beautiful option will keep your investment home floor from looking dated over time. Hardwood flooring is available in many different stains, colors and sizes, making it perfect for almost any home.

Laminate – Laminate flooring is a low-cost alternative to hardwoods and can produce more durable results. Laminates can be made to mimic almost any flooring material, are easy to clean, and are easy to patch if damaged.

Cork – Cork is a sustainable choice for floors as it’s made from all organic and renewable materials. It is soft and has great insulation properties, which provide comfort underfoot. It is also shock absorbent, causing it to reduce noise as well as reduce the likelihood that dropped glasses or plates will break.

Polished Concrete – This type of flooring provides an industrial look. Concrete is non-porous and easy to maintain. Concrete also stays cool even when the weather is warm, making it ideal for locations in hot climates.

Vinyl – vinyl flooring is a cost-effective option for investors looking to cut expenses. It does not require much maintenance and comes in many styles that simulate materials such as hardwood and stone. While vinyl plank is a versatile, water-proof product that is great for high-traffic areas, it cannot be refinished like hardwood.

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Home Improvement Tips to Boost Your Investment Property’s Value

Home Improvement

Home ImprovementHome improvement projects can be an effective way to boost your investment home’s value and attract high-quality tenants while you put your creative spirit to work. The greatest thing about home upgrades is that they can fit every budget and timeline. Here are some tips to enhance your home’s value in a cost-efficient fashion.

Set a Budget

As a real estate investor, you want to maximize your profits or break even, at worst. Setting a budget from the get-go not only helps to keep you from overspending, but it can also help you cut costs. In addition, sticking to a budget will put you in a better position to make sound financial decisions and allow you to complete the project on time.

Home Improvement Ideas

Whether you are planning to list your home soon or simply considering what home projects to do next, it is important to know which ones will add the most value to your property. Following are some cost-effective projects to consider that have a high return on investment:

Kitchen Upgrades – Updating appliances will not only catch the eye of potential tenants, but also increase your investment home’s value when the time comes to sell it. Alternatively, minor kitchen upgrades that include new cabinets and modern finishes are sometimes all that is needed to impress sellers and regain some of the original investment.

Hardwood Flooring – Adding new hardwood flooring to your home can provide an average return of 106%. Homebuyers know that hardwood flooring is sturdy and timeless, making it an appealing feature.

Vinyl Siding – Curb appeal is the best way to lure in homebuyers. By giving your vinyl siding a facelift, you can expect a return of around 63%.

Hire a Home Improvement Company

Hiring a contractor to manage and execute a home improvement project can oftentimes be your best decision, especially if you are taking on bigger projects. Check your local business directory or search the internet for competent and affordable house improvement companies and contractors in your area.

Make sure to get at least three quotes from different companies and contractors. And remember to do your due diligence on their track record and experience.

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