A new member of our team, LaTanya Moody has been with RLG as a Senior Loan Processor since September 2020. LaTanya communicates with RLG’s customers and business partners, analyzes loan documents, and ensures files make it from prequalification to the closing table with the help of the junior processing team. Learn a little more about LaTanya today:

What brought you to RLG: The Universe aligned us together.

What do you like most about working at RLG:  The family environment and teamwork are second to none.

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland.

Hobbies:  Love sports (Go Ravens!), bowling, shopping, and traveling.

Book you’ve read over and over again:  Anything Zane writes.

Top 3 movies:  Rush Hour, The Hangover (1-3).

A bit about your family: I have three beautiful young ladies I take care of (two daughters and my niece). Very family oriented.

Favorite food:  Pasta and seafood.

Thing you’re scared of:  Bugs.

Worst habit: Overthinking and putting too much pressure on myself.

Dream vacation:  To travel to all the destinations on my whole bucket list. If I had to choose just one: a private island out of the country.

Favorite cocktail: Tequila or a long island – no soda.

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