Jaime BarronAt Ridge Lending Group we are a family. Learn more about Jaime Barron, our new employee!

Name: Jaime Oliva Barron

Start Date: 7/06/2021

Position: PQ Officer

Brief overview of what you do: My job function is to review application from borrower, ensure that they qualify for program selected

What brought you to RLG: The opportunity to grow and hopefully go into UW’g one day

What do you like most about working at RLG: The professionalism and team we have is beyond words to explain. TRUE PROFESSIONALS

Hometown: Southern California, Los Angeles

Hobbies: Riding Mountain Bikes and riding my motorcycle

Book you’ve read over and over again: Sammy the Bull

Top 3 movies: Top Gun, The God Father, Tombstone

A bit about your family: We are a very outdoors type of family, a lot of camping

Favorite food: Sushi

Thing you’re scared of: Horror Movies

Worst habit: Smoking Cigars

Dream vacation: Anywhere, but with family

Favorite cocktail: None

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