Elaine HaAt Ridge Lending Group we are a family. Learn more about Elaine Ha, a new employee with RLG!

Name: Elaine Ha

Start Date: 07/19/2021

Position: Sr. Loan Processor

Brief overview of what you do: Review all docs that relate to mortgage loan

What brought you to RLG: Great opportunities

What do you like most about working at RLG:  Family culture

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Hobbies: Traveling and shopping…lol

Book you’ve read over and over again: Notebook

Top 3 movies: Fast And The Furious, Notebook and John Wick

A bit about your family: I’m the only child… I’m married with 2 boys, who are 15 years and 13 years old

Favorite food: Seafoods

Thing you’re scared of: Anything that crawls with no backbones

Worst habit: Stay up late

Dream vacation: Maldives Island

Favorite cocktail: Let’s say I can’t drink…lol

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