Neighborhood for real estate investment propertyKnowing well the area of town or neighborhood for your investment property plays a big part in a sound financial decision. While factors such as your investment goals and price range can help you winnow out some neighborhoods right off the bat, there will likely be hundreds of cities and neighborhoods that may pass muster – each with its cons and pros.

To make sure you pick the best neighborhood for your investing dollars, you may want to consider the following additional factors.


Lower crime rates are at the top of real estate investors and homebuyers’ must-have lists. Luckily, there is a wealth of online tools out there to help you research a neighborhood’s safety levels, such as ADT Crime, Neighborhood Scout, and SpotCrime.

A neighborhood that ranks high for safety not only provides peace of mind to buyers and tenants, but it can also keep property values high.

Convenience and Amenities

Convenience and amenities are valuable attractions for homebuyers. A convenient neighborhood is reasonably walkable and located in close proximity to schools, shopping areas, parks, gym, public transport, and more.

When it comes to amenities, consider neighborhoods that boast facilities such as swimming pools, play fields, tennis courts, club houses, community docks, and lakes. Other outside features that can pique homebuyers’ interest are nearby parks, open play meadows, and direct access to water bodies.


The expectation that the value of the property will continue to appreciate over time should inform investors’ decision when purchasing a home, hence the importance of market dynamics and macroeconomic factors. Look for neighborhoods that display attributes such as higher-than-average population growth rates, job growth rates, rental growth rates as well as low unemployment rates.

More broadly, the tax environment has been a key factor driving investments in the country, as seen in places such as Austin, TX and South Florida.

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