There’s no denying that improving curb appeal has a positive effect on an investment home’s value. In the real estate business, however, small changes to your landscaping are oftentimes enough to draw in homebuyers and seal the deal. If you have a green thumb or are a hands-on investor, building a garden can transform your investment property from a run-of-the-mill structure into something grand and inviting at a minimal cost.

Following are some landscaping tips that are guaranteed to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and give you the upper hand in the market.

Container Planting

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pots for container gardens. Your local home improvement store or plant nursery is likely to have an abundance of pots from which you can choose. Additionally, recycled items from around your home can make fantastic containers. Anything with space for compost will work — including cans, buckets, fruit trays, and colanders. If you choose something that doesn’t have holes in the bottom, be sure to use a drill to create some drainage holes before you begin planting.

What’s so great about container planting is that any outdoor space can benefit from potted flowers, regardless of style or size.

Garden Design

Remember that the garden you choose should complement your property seamlessly. If your investment home has a modern design with straight roofs or lots of geometric shapes, consider a contemporary garden featuring a more neutral palette, defined boundaries, and additions such as raised beds, pergolas, and arches. Plants that work very well with a contemporary approach include tall grasses, birch trees, horsetails, bamboos, and succulents.

If your home has a classic façade, cottage gardens can be a perfect suit. These gardens are created to look more asymmetrical and relaxed – despite requiring some planning. Geraniums, roses, foxgloves, peonies, and hollyhocks are just some of the many varieties that may grace your garden. Just make sure to put tall plants at the back of beds with lower ones towards the front to create a mixture of heights typical of cottage gardens. In addition, accessories such as birdbaths, wooden benches, and even a greenhouse can add extra interest and paint an idyllic setting.

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