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After the mortgage and housing meltdown of 08-09, we saw some significant changes to minimum requirements for mortgage-related lending. Although those changes were ultimately a positive, many would equate those changes to the pre-qualification process as arduous. The days of fogging a mirror to get approved for a loan are long gone. There is no doubt that our pre-qualification process is rigorous, but because we do 90% of our due diligence on the front end of the loan process, it leads to substantially less delay and aggravation in the middle and end of the transaction.

Let us help you navigate the process, our systems and attention to detail will make all the difference in your lending experience, and whether it’s your first transaction or 100th, we understand better than anyone how to maneuver that ‘battleship in a creek.’

Once we receive all required documentation, the pre-qualification work typically takes between 24-48 hours. after which, you will receive a congratulatory email and the opportunity to schedule a call with Caeli Ridge personally to discuss your RE goals along with some high level education about your specific qualifications as it relates to underwriting guidelines. This is one of our strongest value-adds as a company. It’s meant to provide you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to optimize your qualifications now and into the future in order to reach those goals of financial independence. Don’t wait, let’s get started today!


As a segue from the PreQual work we’ll do together, coupled with the education we provide, we’ll help you strategize and implement the appropriate game plan. We’ll discuss the difference between conventional financing and that of our exclusive specialty products and how and when they should apply to you specifically. We believe that one of the biggest advantages of working with Ridge Lending is the lasting education you will receive as one of our clients. We go to great lengths to make sure you understand the process, and to position you to maximize your leveraging options- because let’s face it, the use of OPM (“other people’s money” aka leverage) exponentially increases an investor’s ROI (return on investment). From product selection to filing your tax returns, we’re with you all along the way helping to guide you so that you are able to make the most informed decisions about your real estate investments.


Don’t just jump in and make the same mistakes countless people do when getting into real estate investing. We’ll help you understand how the acquisition of different properties might be best acquired through say a delayed cash out refinance or a standard cash out refinance, there are differences to what choice you make, not to mention the timing of your acquisition(s). Not to worry, we are here to help.


Take what you’ve learned over the course of a few weeks and get going on your real estate investing. With the knowledge you’ve acquired through Ridge Lending and all our resources, you will be well equipped to make more knowledgeable decisions, this is a great advantage over the masses, utilize it. All this coupled with our exclusive network of investors and turn key providers gives you the tools needed to excel as a professional Real Estate Investor.

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