Mary and Ross

Current REO Portfolio


11 Investment Properties totaling over 2 million in worth, and over $21,000 per month in passive income.

Dr. Ross

11 Investment properties totaling over 2.2 million and over $22,000 per month in passive income.


Mary and Ross are true veterans in the RE investment arena. Hard working Dentists hailing from the great state of Missouri, they started thinking about real estate investment many years ago. Knowing real estate to be the viable long term solution to having passive income, they started down the path to acquiring properties.

One of their most beneficial attributes is the diversification of their portfolio, and their overall knowledge of the processes and in and outs of the industry dealing with all the different types of transactions. From straight purchases to the different refinances to 1031 Exchange, they have done it all. They’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and are inspired to become “free” from the economic chains that many of us are bound to in some form or another.

Mary and Ross originally came to us in July of 2015. After numerous failed attempts with a lender not so proficient in the non-owner-occupied investment area, they were struggling to find a lending partner. But luckily for them, after a quick phone call, we were hot on the trail of organizing their numerous property files and were able to create a clear path towards success. Since then, we’ve helped them close numerous loans, and continue to embrace the rewarding relationship we’ve cultivated together.

Mary and Ross are just two of many RE relationships that Ridge Lending Group is grateful to have cultivated all across the country. We are very pleased that we have the opportunity to serve people like Mary and Ross, and strive to develop ongoing relationships like theirs, with future friends and clients.

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