Raleigh NC real estate investorsWhile there are no hard-and-fast rules to real estate investing, most real estate investors share a host of common traits. These shared attributes include an entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and ambition within reasonable bounds. Additionally, successful investors benefit from a fair amount of extroversion and love of networking. To find the hidden gems of real estate and get the numbers to add up, they will often do the upfront work of connecting with real estate agents, cold-calling sellers, and dealing with contractors.

By and large, the best places to invest in real estate will feature high rental occupancy, high rents vis-à-vis your mortgage payments, and the expectation that the value of the property will continue to appreciate over time. However, to determine the best cities for real estate investors, one has to consider a multitude of attributes beyond market dynamics and macroeconomic factors, including tax and regulatory framework and quality of life measures.

Here are the top 5 cities for real estate investors based on CrowdStreet’s Top Real Estate Markets in 2021:

  1. Raleigh-Durham

With its proximity to top universities, world class research facilities, a highly educated workforce, relative affordability, and increasingly walkable urban center, there is just so much to be bullish about regarding Raleigh-Durham’s future, arguably one of the nation’s hottest “work from anywhere” markets.

  1. Austin

Austin is a market with an unfair number of competitive advantages. Strong population and job growth (with a thriving tech scene), the presence of the state capital, a major research university, and location within a tax-free state combine to provide a strong long-term outlook.

  1. Phoenix

Phoenix is the top market in the West. A 2020 exodus from urban CA locations has bolstered already strong underlying fundamentals in the city. Arizona also ranked #5 for inbound moves in the Annual 2020 United Van Lines Moving Study.

  1. Salt Lake City

Consistent population growth, low unemployment, and tight vacancies are perennial attributes of this market. Salt Lake City is maturing and becoming more institutional in nature.

  1. Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth continues to unlock new areas of growth via fresh development. Consistent growth, a business friendly central location, and a favorable tax environment provide strong underlying fundamentals for both multifamily and industrial strategies.

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