Investing in real estate is the roadmap to passive income and financial freedom. Additionally, investors may take advantage of tax benefits, all the while seeing their property appreciate over the next months and years. To ensure that your property’s resale value continue its upward trend, you won’t necessarily have to undertake a series of home improvement projects. Rather, making a few basic home maintenance tasks your top priority may reap more benefits than you could imagine.

Let’s have a look at four of these maintenance tasks that can help bump up your investment property’s resale value.

Yard Work

Regularly mowing your lawn will help maintain the curb appeal of your investment property and attract higher-paying buyers. Homes with neglected, overgrown yards will spook prospective homebuyers and have a negative impact not only on your property’s value but also your neighbors’.

To avoid getting in trouble with your HOA and unloading your investment home at a fraction of what you could sell it for, pay close attention to your lawn by frequently mowing, watering, weeding, and fertilizing the grounds.


Starting a garden can increase the value of your home while attracting wildlife and adding flavor to your cooking and fragrance to your home. Spring is the best time to start a garden so you can watch your plants grow throughout the season.

To create a bountiful garden, be sure to mark out the area that you are planning to clear and improve the soil using organic compost first.

Erosion Control

Land degradation from soil erosion can have devastating effects on your property’s resale value. Without a protective topsoil layer, homes can start to slide, putting an enormous strain on their foundation. This can lead to cracks, sagging roofs, buckling walls and even a total foundation failure. There’s also an increased chance for landslides and flooding.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the impact of erosion and prevent its far-reaching effects on your investment home. Planting bushes, trees, and grass around your home can be an effective maintenance strategy. If the soil isn’t suited for planting, you can use rocks and mulch. Having gutters and downspouts properly placed to divert rainwater away from your home is also very important.

Pest Control

Pest and rodents can make a serious dent in your property’s value if left unchecked. They can also pose health issues to occupants and cause significant damage to garden plants. The best way to prevent infestation is to remove possible entry points to your home and hire professional exterminators.

Just keep in mind that treating the area during blooming season may scare pollinators away from your home, so it’s best to wait until it is over. When it comes to pesticides, there are a lot of options out there that are harmless to bee and other pollinators.

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