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Securing an investment loan is only one piece of a far larger financial strategy. Navigating the market, structuring current and subsequent loans correctly and creatively strategizing for your best interests require the experience of a team like Ridge Lending Group.

Not only do we collectively have 60 years of mortgage experience, but we are real estate investors ourselves. This gives us a competitive advantage edge over the competition in understanding your specific needs as an investor and translates into real results for you.

Our Process Simplifies Your Experience


Real estate investors begin by giving us background about themselves and their investment properties, allowing us to empower you with the best information possible.


Our team will review your current properties and cash flow to determine which loan scenarios will best support your financial goals.


Through instructive education, we will collaborate with you to create a personalized strategy to support your current and future real estate investing goals.


Aligned processes support you until the property closes and you start building long-term wealth. When you find your next property, we will already have everything on file to simplify your experience.


My wife and I contemplated back and forth about refinancing for many months, afraid of all the paperwork, time and difficulty of communicating with offices do to the pandemic we are in now. But, Ridge Lending Group and there team has totally made this transaction a piece of cake. From beginning to end, we have NO COMPLAINTS. Everyone was professional, polite, on task and above all showed that they cared about ME and my future. I would NOT hesitate to do business again with them again. By fare one of the easiest and most smoothest transactions ever. On behalf of my wife and I, we Thank You very much and for giving me and my wife to plan for a better future.
“Caeli Ridge and The Ridge Lending Group has become my exclusive lender for a reason!”
Mercedes Torres
“Caeli Ridge and her exceptional team at Ridge Lending Group are nothing short of phenomenal! I have worked with Caeli and her team for nearly 7 years now and they are a well polished, professional, highly organized team that knows how to get the job done. They communicate well, are responsive, timely, dutiful, thorough and extremely personable and professional. This is the reason I continue to refer clients to Caeli and her team year after year. With Ridge Lending Group you know what you are getting. They deliver. They are consistent. They are incredible to work with and they have the know how to get any loan closed. It is a pleasure to do business with them. This is very important to me since I only align myself with the best in the business and Caeli and her Team are truly the best!” - Read more
Maureen McCann
“The whole group at Ridge Lending are great at what they do. They held our hands as new investors through the process of leveraging our assets into multiple mortgages. I appreciate that Caeli is also an investor and can give advice from multiple angles. Ridge Lending has helped us on over twenty loans and has been a integral part of building or real estate portfolio.” - Read more
Jon and Rose Gillesby
“What separates Caeli from many others is her desire to educate her clients and she makes the complex very simple. She is patient to make sure her clients have full understanding of how to build a smart plan for their portfolio both short and long term. With every member of her staff I have experienced very positive interactions. No matter how big or small your portfolio or if you are just getting started, Caeli and her team are the ultimate professionals. I highly recommend Caeli and her team for not only financing your deals but educating you along the way.” - Read more
Demond M
“I was looking for a lending company with expertise in non-owner occupied investment property and Ridge Lending more than delivered. They will not only help you with your lending needs but also assist you in reaching your real estate investing (cashflow) goals. Caeli Ridge is an expert in forming and executing the strategy you need to build your portfolio. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ridge Lending to anyone I know. ” - Read more
Najm Ladipo
“Ridge Lending Group kicks ass! They have been an integral part of our investing strategy and have facilitated over 10 seamless transactions for us over the last 3 years. We have found them to be incredibly responsive and always proactive. It is evident that they have great internal systems that keep our pending transactions at the top of their minds. We feel like we have a personal relationship with everyone on the team and are grateful for all the assistance and guidance they offer us. On to the next deal! ” - Read more
Leah and Preston Collich
"Ridge Lending has done an excellent job providing us with a great refi rate. The entire staff from Caeli Ridge to the staff who run the documents have been very professional and efficient."
Michael Tannenbaum
"Caeli and her team are without a doubt, rain makers. As an investor, my taxes can get pretty complicated. Caeli and the team at Ridge helped guide and educate me on the most advantageous filing strategies which I then communicated to my accountant and they were able to close loans for me that other brokers got denied. Caeli and her teams are problem solvers, I never heard "no that can't be done" only "how can we get this done". It's comforting to know people with that mind set are working on my file instead of some paper pusher that clocks out at 4:59 PM. I've referred family, friends and refinanced all of my properties with Ridge. The team at Ridge does all of this with a smile and excellent customer service! Looking forward to more closings with you all!" - Read more
Daniel Paloscio
"Caeli has been wonderful to work with. She and her team will help you understand your options for proceeding with a loan. Caeli is creative, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ridge Lending."
Jesse Kindra
"We have done a number of transactions with Caeli and her team now and have found our lending “home”. The level of professionalism is unparalleled with Ridge and we always know we are in the best hands! We are so grateful for their knowledge and expertise and unbeatable customer service always. Highly recommend!"
Amy Romberg
"Over many years, Caeli's Ridge Lending team is hands down the fastest, most reliable, and (as much as it can be) FUN mortgage lending crew I have worked with. Let's be honest, regulations have turned residential mortgage lending into an excruciatingly painful process. I can get commercial loans for a fraction of the headache. For good reason, but the pendulum went nuts on the other side. It is particularly ridiculous for folks who don't fit the square peg of a single W2 income -- entrepreneurs, innovators, investors. Caeli's team knew how to anticipate what hoops I'd need to jump through, notified me in advance so I could assemble everything with far less back and forth, and were friendly, responsive, reliable, and communicative every step of the way. The products are rock solid with good rates. I check my options periodically, and I've always landed back in their good hands. You might have a buddy who will cut you a deal on closing costs, but I'd rather cut the headaches with Caeli's trusted, investor savvy professionals." - Read more
Lee S
"Caeli and the team at Ridge Lending treat you like you are part of their family. Where else does the president of the company actually talks to you and helps you understand how you can best accomplish your goals. The business of lending and qualifying has never been easy and it can be frustrating. To have a team that is on my side and does anything in their power to smooth the rough sports was great. I got 8 mortgage applications through the Ridge lending team and can only recommend anybody who is looking for an (almost) nationwide lender to work with those team. For me, it would not make sense to go back to a local lender for each property, have credit checks done multiple times for each property, and having to deal with all kinds fo different types fo form the banks and lenders think they need to customize. My home for lending is Ridge Lending. " - Read more
Dr. Axel Meierhoefer
"Ridge Lending Group makes buying investment property easier than others. It still takes a lot of documentation, but they know the unique requirements that income property buyers need. They also do a great job of communication, updating me throughout the process. In fact, I was able to close two property loans at once with them!"
Keith Weinhold
"Where do you start with the amazing experience and personal feeling you get from Caeli and her team. From day 1 Caeli has made us feel like her only customer; taking the time to explain to us how we can best use the policies in place to set up our financial future and working hard to find the best rate. If you're looking elsewhere, you are getting sub par service."
Joseph Lagor
We truly appreciate ALL the hard work and help your team has provided during this process. We definitely will be doing business again.
Nelson and Dear Wife Doris =)

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